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League of Legends, one of the most popular MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) across the globe, has released a new champion, the Night Hunter, into the game. This new champion is arguably one of the most anticipated champions in League of Legends history, due to the massive hype that has been surrounding it since her announcement. The Night Hunter is a highly mobile champion, capable of darting in and out of battles with ease, making her a valuable asset to any team.



The Night Hunter comes equipped with a set of abilities that make her stand out from other ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champions in the game. Her passive ability, "Night Stalker", allows her to deal additional damage to enemies when they are low on health. The first ability, "Duskbringer", is a long-range skill shot that deals damage and leaves a trail that boosts her own movement speed, allowing her to quickly chase down fleeing opponents. Her second ability, "Blackout", grants the Night Hunter vision over a large area and silences enemy champions caught in the ability. Her third ability, "Shroud of Darkness", lets her block any incoming projectiles and grants the Night Hunter a temporary attack speed boost, making her more effective in duels. Lastly, her ultimate ability, "Eclipse", allows her to create a long-range barrier that slows enemies and provides her with a shield, making her more durable in team fights and skirmishes.


The Night Hunter boasts a playstyle that revolves around high mobility, quick reflexes, and great situational awareness. She is best played as an ADC champion, although her abilities make her a formidable mid-laner as well. Her ability to quickly dart in and out of fights makes her ideal for making hit-and-run attacks on enemy champions. Players of the Night Hunter should be comfortable with quickly switching between aggressive and defensive playstyles, depending on the situation. Her Blackout ability is particularly useful in negating enemy champions' abilities, making her effective against champions that are heavily reliant on spellcasting.

Champion Synergy

The Night Hunter synergizes particularly well with champions that excel at crowd control and initiation. Champions such as Malphite, Warwick, and Leona can help the Night Hunter close the gap between herself and enemy champions, allowing her to more effectively use her abilities to deal damage. Additionally, champions with strong poke abilities, such as Xerath or Lux, can help soften up enemy champions, making it easier for the Night Hunter to secure kills. It's worth noting that the Night Hunter can be vulnerable to champions that boast high burst damage, such as Zed or Syndra, so teams should plan accordingly when picking her in draft mode.


The Night Hunter is yet another exciting addition to the already vast roster of champions in League of Legends. With her high mobility, powerful abilities, and unique playstyle, she's sure to quickly become a favorite among players, both casual and competitive. For those looking for a champion that's highly mobile and can deal tons of damage, the Night Hunter is definitely worth considering. So why not give her a try and see how you fare on the Fields of Justice?

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